We all dream of a beautiful home that is worth flaunting! No matter how much we invest in the décor, it’s the ceiling that makes or breaks the look of your interiors. In fact, the modern-day designers and homeowners consider decorative house false ceiling designs as an investment. Apart from amping up the beauty of your space, a quality secondary roofing comes with a plethora of benefits.

In this article, we shall guide you on the basic points of false ceiling designs, which include the types, materials and latest models in the market. So, why the wait? Read along with us!


False ceiling, as the name suggests, is an imitative layer of ceiling placed beneath the actual roofing. It comprises of panels arranged onto the metal framework in different designs and patterns. Typically, the distance between the real ceiling and the secondary one is maintained at a minimum of 8 inches.


Here are the main reasons why false roof ceilings have gained traction in recent times:

  • 视觉效果:False ceilings transform the look of your room and enhance the overall aesthetics. They also let you play with your creativity and support highly artistic designs.
  • Concealer:All the ugly wiring, poles and other elements are neatly hidden behind the ceiling to lend a clutter-free, final finish.
  • Lighting:You can add different types of lights to brighten up the interiors. They also support mood lighting to give you the right environment.
  • Energy Savings:These ceilings are capable of absorbing heat and maintain a controlled temperature inside. The effect of air conditioners or heaters can be optimized with them.
  • Acoustic Protection:选择合适的材料和厚度可以减少外部噪声和维持室内沉默。

不同类型的天花板 - 根据材料:



Pop stands for Plaster of Paris, which is a powdered form of Gypsum. It is economical, easy to mould and lends a superior finish to the room. However, durability is a major con of this material.

2. Gypsum False Ceiling:


3. PVC Ceiling Design:

It made with Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a cost-effective, synthetic material. It even has a low maintenance cost, due to its moisture and heat resistant properties.

4. Wooden Ceiling Design:

Here, the ceiling comprises of panels or strips of wood arranged in a variety of ways. While it looks classy and elegant, the associated cost and maintenance are quite high.


It is now a trend to use real tin or faux metallic tiles on the ceiling. They add a charming look to the room and come in many shades in glossy or matte finishes.

6. Aluminum Ceiling Design:

In this style, the metal framework is with Aluminum. Tiles or sheet boards are inserted into it, to cover up the primary roof. It is a light-weight and low-cost idea.


Corrugated steel and stainless steel ceilings are trending in contemporary homes. Metallic sheets are moulded in different designs to decorate the roofing.


Here, a thick, decorative fabric is used to cover up the ceiling. Thin, transparent wiring runs along the border of the room, from which the fabric is run in different styles.


Although expensive and difficult to maintain, glass is another popular material used in ceilings. They create artistic patterns and reflective effects in the room.

10. Fibre Ceiling Design:

In this type of ceiling, mineral fibre sheets are used as a false ceiling. They come in different colours and lend a shiny look with their light-reflective surfaces.

11. Cement Ceiling Design:

The actual roof is simply plastered with cement. There will no paint, wallpaper or other secondary material to cover it up. The dark, gothic look of this ceiling is trending these days.

12. Thermocol Ceiling Design:

White thermocol has sound-absorbing properties. So, they make good ceilings for home theatres and music rooms. However, they have a short life and difficult to maintain.

13. Ceiling Tiles Design:

Another way to beautify your room is to use designer ceiling tiles. A special grout chemical is used to fix them onto the roof. Mosaics, painted or mural tiles make for a great choice.

Best False Ceiling Designs In India:

It’s time to explore some of the unique and beautiful ceiling designs for your home, along with quality pictures and detailed descriptions. Let’s have a look into them.


Pop false ceiling designs are quite popular for many reasons. Firstly, they are easy to mould and install and secondly, the price range caters to all budgets. No matter what the size or shape of your room is, you can blindly go for Plaster of Paris. Here is one such round living room ceiling design, which gives the illusion of a larger area and lends an airy feel.


2. Gypsum Ceiling Design:

This suspended false ceiling for the hall is made of Gypsum material transforms the look of your home. Unlike Pop which has a matte finish, gypsum boards are glossy and reflect light. The base is with a large sheet in white colour, which holds off-white geometrical elements. Bright LED lights are added for even distribution of light in the room.


3. PVC Ceiling Designs:

If you are looking for a quality, yet affordable ceiling, PVC is a perfect option. Seen here is a wooden finish roofing idea made entirely with PVC panels. You can choose from a variety of colour combinations for an eye-catchy look. Not only does this PVC false ceiling design look amazing, but it also offers plenty of benefits in terms of cost and maintenance.

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4. Wooden False Ceiling Designs:

Here is a beautiful example of how wood can transform the beauty of a room. Instead of going for a solid wooden roof, you can unleash your creativity for uniqueness. Different shades and sizes of plywood louvre frames are arranged together using a metallic frame. The combination of light and dark shades, big and small shapes create an illusionary effect on the eyes.

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Metal ceilings are not very common in residential properties, because of their weight and high cost. However, in commercial spaces, they are the number one choice for the durability and strength they offer. Seen here is a metallic perforated ceiling installed in the walkway of a building. The mesh filters out the sun rays to create this dazzling effect with natural light.

6. Aluminum Ceiling Design:

For offices and commercial spaces, metallic ceilings, especially those made with Aluminum are preferred. Aluminium is a rust-proof, light-weight material and also easy to install. The metal framework is suspended from the main roof and small tiles of fibre sheets are inserted into it. At strategic places, vents for air conditioning, fire detectors and lights are provided.


This high tech steel ceiling is ideal for offices and retail stores. The crisp and clean design of this drop ceiling offers a unique dimension to the room. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of acoustic protection required, the depth of the perforation can be worked on. The biggest advantage of a steel false ceiling is its matchless durability and high humidity resistance.




Glass is a transparent material that can work as a good roofing solution for homes, offices and hotels. As it is very brittle, special additives are added to strengthen it and make them “crack-proof”. The best way to incorporate glass into your ceiling is to use it in combination with gypsum, wood, Pop or other sturdy materials. You can go for coloured, laminated, patterned and decorative glass panes to elevate the beauty of the space.

10. Fibre Ceiling Design:

If you want to create lasting impressions on your guests, without shelling a bomb, mineral fibre sheets are a wise pick. They are also called “Acoustic tiles”, for their soundproofing properties. However, the biggest disadvantage with them is their susceptibility to water damage. Choose them only if you have a dry environment.

11. Cement Ceiling Design:

Also called Concrete ceilings, these humble designs have become the most sought-after lifestyle trends. From luxury apartments to cafes and even offices, “exposed ceilings” are extremely fashionable, low cost and worth taking the risk. The hardened roof is covered up with a plastering of cement and limestone to create a rustic, yet smooth finish.

12. Thermocol Ceiling Designs:

For offices, home theatres and other private meeting rooms, acoustic protection is a must. Using Thermocol boards for a false ceiling can be a less expensive option. Thermocol is a petroleum by-product and is highly susceptible to fire damage. So, it’s important to take proper precautions before choosing it.

13. Ceiling Tiles Design:

Decorating your ceilings with specially made tiles can lend a lavish look to your home. Unlike the regular wall tiles, ceiling tiles are extremely lightweight, flexible and do not break or crumble easily. The main suspension system- which is typically a metal framework supports these tiles or you can even stick them directly to the roof using a special glue.

14. POP Ceiling Design for Hall:

This false ceiling brings your breathes a lease of life into your living room. As your hall is the first thing that your guests notice, its important to analyze the structural aspects of the space, from wall to wall. Seen here is a Pop suspended ceiling in a groovy structure. Adding lights in the spaces takes beauty to a whole level!

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15. False Ceiling Designs For Living Room:

Check out this future-inspired false ceiling that even your next generation will appreciate! The abstract structure adds a much-needed drama to your interiors and functions as a special accessory. The laminated elements run down, all the way to the flooring to create a stunning effect. Make sure that this idea is done against a closed wall to avoid blocking of space.

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This is a simple, yet elegant false ceiling design that is suitable for any Indian bedroom. The tray ceiling has a recession in the centre to give the illusion of a high roof. Fixing lights inside these grooves work as highlighters. The remaining portion can be utilized effectively to hold reading lamps or other decorative elements.

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17. Dining Room Ceiling Design:


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18. Kitchen Ceiling Design:

A kitchen is a crucial area of your home and needs decoration to align it with the rest of your home. However, the quality and type of material make all the difference for a kitchen. You must go with materials which can withstand high temperatures, weather changes and humidity. Also, it is worth investing in fireproofing coats for emergencies.


19. False Ceiling Designs for Drawing Room:

Add a luxurious feel to your drawing room with this innovative ceiling design. The regular T-bar ceiling is given a designer touch in the way it is structured. The hollow spaces are smartly used to accommodate bespoke square chandeliers. This is a perfect example of excellent planning and implementation of an idea.

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20. Office Ceiling Design:

Inspire your employees and coworkers to attend office every day with trendy ceiling decors. Especially in a boring area like the meeting or conference room, a nicely done roof can uplift our spirits and keep us motivated. This “lightning struck” design is a symbolic representation of brilliant ideas that make us go “Eureka!”.

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21. Bathroom Ceiling Design:

A bathroom is the most essential and also the most overlooked areas of a home. It’s very essential to pay heed to its detailing, which includes adding a suitable false ceiling. Here is one such idea, in which the secondary ceiling is suspended from the main roof and extends to the opposite wall. Shiny lights lit up the room and give you a pleasant experience inside.


22. Pooja Room False Ceiling:

If you are among those who find solace in praying God, then a Puja room is a must in your house! For small apartments and compact-sized villas, where space constraints are common, a neatly made false ceiling does the trick for you. This light-coloured, down ceiling, has a brightly lit, LED fixture that lends an airy feel to the room!

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23. Kids Room False Ceiling:

It is always fun to decorate a kid’s room! Creating the perfect space for your kid also involves investing in a cool false ceiling design like this one! Find out your Kid’s interests and bring their imagination to life with these amazing ideas. For instance, if your kid is a dreamer, this cloudy, illusion roof is sure to bring a wide smile on their face.

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24. Wall Ceiling Design For Bedroom:


25. Balcony Ceiling Design:

If designed properly, even a small balcony can make for a lovely sit out. The use of wooden logs in the balcony false ceiling makes for an interesting exterior décor idea. To get the look, a dark-coloured, metallic frame is suspended from the top, into which the panels are inserted. The rest of the space can either match or contrast with the brown shade.


26. Ceiling Flower Design:

Adding a floral element to your ceiling can amp the look of your room. Instead of going for the conventional T-bars, Recessed or Suspension ceilings, you can ask your designer for a floral moulding instead. Keep the rest of the roof plain to shift the focus on to the central motif. Fill up the hollow with a designer lamp, fan or a chandelier.

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27. Round False Ceiling Design:

A circular ceiling makes your room look wide and spacious. Irrespective of the shape of your room, you can for this design with some analysis and planning. For instance, seen here is a boxy room, which has a rounded, dome structure in the centre. Adding hidden light fixtures elevates the beauty and also adds brightness.


28. Square Ceiling Design:

The square-shaped ceiling is a common design used in many homes. You can either go for a simple design or experiment with different elements inside. Seen here is a basic idea, in which a recessed ceiling concept is employed. The borders come with LED lights and a square-shaped chandelier suspends from the centre for a co-ordinated look!

29. Rectangular Ceiling Design:

A Rectangular ceiling is just an elongated version of the square design. The white suspended ceiling seen here is designed as per the measurements of the room. The hollow space inside is brightened up with a row of lights. The dropped element can be left plain or decorated with a 3D wallpaper, wooden laminates or even a simple hanging lamp.

30. Corridor Ceiling Design:

Convert your boring corridors and hallways into magical paths, with illuminating false ceilings. The roofing can be an extended version of the interior ceilings or made with different materials. For indoors, Pop, Gypsum and wood are ideal. For outdoors or near the stairways, you can try metallic or PVC for a better life.



32. TV Room Ceiling Design:

Here is an interesting false ceiling design for your TV room. The traditional Pop roof is decorated with a beautiful, textured finish for a remarkable look. This effect can be created using pre-made sheets or special moulds to get the shapes right. Not only does a ceiling like this make your TV time interesting, but also leaves lasting impressions on the guests.

33. Bed Ceiling Design:

This cute ceiling that looks like a shelter to your bed is quite impressive! The false ceiling is extended as a backdrop of the bed and decorated with a specially cut, gypsum board. You can add different levels of lights to set the right mood for your sleep. For a pleasant look, avoid garnish, dark colours and stick to lighter shades.

34. Main Entrance Ceiling Designs:

Welcome your guests in style with a specially made ceiling for the main entry point. To create this look, choose the narrow area between your front entrance door and the actual living area. Depending on the measurements, get a custom-made ceiling in Wood, gypsum or other material of your choice and get it fixed. Make sure that the design blends with the rest of the interiors and doesn’t look odd!

35. Home Theatre False Ceiling Designs:


36. Arch Ceiling Design:





是否为您的家庭或餐厅,rooftop sitting areas like the best spaces to unwind! Instead of leaving it completely “open-aired”, you can choose to go for a unique patio terrace. These are special “ceilings”, which are made with basic metal frames. To use for harsh weather conditions, simply use a pretty canopy to cover it up.

39. 3D False Ceiling Designs:

3D illusionary ceiling wallpapers are dominating the current scene. Many homeowners love the idea of a realistic scene on the ceiling, which is a very different take from conventional ideas. For this, you need to order for a special 3D sheet that is stuck onto the roof using glue. These images can be customized based on the requirements.

40. Contemporary False Ceiling Designs:



To make your jewellery look shiny and impressive, it’s a must to invest on a brightly lit ceiling. The aim should be to keep the room spacious and attractive at the same time. It should not be too flashy or too simple, but just the right amount of detailing to highlight the ornaments. Adequate light fixtures must be placed to light up the cases.


Shopping mall ceilings are extra large and need a lot of detailing to beauty the interior space. It must be fancy, but not give a claustrophobic feel. With customers giving importance to visual presentations, mall designers are experimenting with newer techniques for memorable retail experiences.

43. Showroom False Ceiling Design:

Ceilings in retail showrooms play an important role in attracting the customers and influencing their behavioural responses. This is the reason why designers must pay heed to set up the right interior climate with quality materials and acoustic protection. Also, applying creative concepts can drive the shopper into your store and make them want to come back!

44. Restaurant Ceiling Design:

美味的食物和饮料,一个创造性的装饰is very important for a restaurant. According to customer psychology, you can make your customers flock to your hotel with a lovely ambience and a beautifully done ceiling. The concept must reflect the personality and the type of cuisine served to give them an overall enjoyable experience than just dining.

45. Café Ceiling Design:

Cafes are mushrooming in cities and towns. They are uber chic versions of restaurants and primarily catered for the millennial generation. So, the emphasis is on a stylish ceiling that promises comfort and edgy look. Seen here is a minimally done décor that lends a creative environment using an eclectic mix of wood and metal.

46. Salon False Ceiling Designs:

A beauty salon must have a soothing environment to attract customers. Apart from investing in good interior décor, a custom made ceiling can enhance the overall aesthetics. However, if the primary ceiling is too low, then avoid a suspended style, and instead go for a recessed or simple tray ceiling design for an airy feel.


To set the right mood for partying, pubs must create the ideal atmosphere with a well-made false ceiling. Customers not only come there to enjoy a great drink, but also to get lost in a different world. The idea need not be very expensive and can involve simple materials like metal or wood, which are moulded into innovative shapes.

48. Gym False Ceiling Designs:

对于一个comfortable, yet stylish Gym centre, choosing the right ceiling idea is very important. The original plan must include certain factors like ventilation, odour control, air circulation etc. The AC vent positions, lighting and escape vents must be carefully positioned at the right places. Taking care of these parameters can retain your customers for quite some time.

49. Custom Bedroom Ceiling Design:



This pearly white ceiling can make your room look visibly bright and beautiful. The tray ceiling gives the illusion of a taller roof for an airy feel. It uses wooden panels to create this artistic design. The mouldings are also made with wood and painted in grey for a sober appearance. Add a creative fan or light in the centre and you are sure to confine yourself to the room!

Trending Ceiling Color/Painting Ideas:

Are you still stuck with the plain old, white ceiling? Wondering what colour is best for ceilings? It’s time to move on to the next generation interiors by switching to painted ceilings. Here are some tips and tricks to dramatize the beauty of your residential or commercial space:

  • Dark Colored Ceilings:If you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the house, go for darker colours like black, dark grey or even navy blue. Use a metallic highlighter on the borders to neutralize the effect.
  • Bright Colored Ceilings:You can transform a boring room into a lively space, with the use of bright colours like yellow, orange, green etc. These shades can be used along with white or cream for a perfect contrasting look.
  • Pastel Color Ceilings:For a sober and toned down environment, pastels are a great idea. Powder pink, peach, pale blue set the right tone in the room and keeps your mind in a relaxed state.


Frequently Asked Questions:



2. How Do I Choose A Good Ceiling Fan?


  • 去杂乱的坐骑或球迷下山棒,如果天花板是非常低的。
  • For sloped ceilings, recessed or high roofs – choose a traditional mount down the fan or in cases like duplex houses, and extended down rod can also be fixed.
  • Choose the size of the blades, depending on the area of the room. A minimum of 7 inches is required for good air. For even compact rooms, go for wall mount fans.

3. How To Choose False Ceiling Lights?


  • For functionality and style, you can go for flush mount lights and recessed lights. These are offered bright lights and blend in the walls.
  • 为设计和魅力,吊灯,半平帽unt lights are ideal. They are suspended from the ceiling and must be fixed at the right height.
  • For reading and utility purposes, pendant lights can be chosen. But, the minimum ceiling height requirement for them is over 10 feet.
  • To highlight a painting or a décor, track lights are be fixed on the ceiling. The direction can be adjusted to put an object under the spotlight.


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