Nayanthara, popularly and lovingly called Lady Superstar by her fans, is among the most versatile and beautiful actress this century has come across. She is a powerhouse of talent, beauty, and skill. While we all are mesmerized with her acting and looks on screen, did you ever witness how real-life Nayanthara without makeup looks?

Well, we are all as eager and impatient as you all. With her bold eyes, light skin tone and dark hair, she doesn’t leave a chance to mesmerize us in movies and on screen. Today, we are here to show you the most viral and unknown pictures of Nayanthara in no makeup. Here we go!

Picture Gallery of Nayanthara Without Wearing Makeup:


1. Leisure Time in Dubai:

我们都知道是否认为工作狂是女演员nthara. She likes to work and enjoy her busy schedules often. But amidst her work and life, this picture is clicked when she was in Dubai for some of her engagements. A paparazzi click this image near a mall where she is seen sporting her beautiful smile. She didn’t wear any makeup except her bold, beautiful eyes; of course, she would not miss it. Given that bold eyes is her absolute favorite. We fell in love with her smile. What do you think?


Nayanthara never denies her fan following and respects their love pouring towards her. This picture of Nayanthara no makeup is clicked when her fan requested for a selfie in a public space. She is seen with a beautiful smile, and we love her down to earth attitude. The approachable nature and cute gestures are what makes us fall in love with her all over again! She is seen here wearing a white shirt and blue pants with no makeup, except wearing her usual kajal/kohl.

3. Time with Friends:


4. Still from a Movie:

Here is a natural look at Nayanthara and is still in one of her movies. While the actress loves to look natural and raw, this picture depicts her natural skin and beauty effortlessly. She did not even hesitate once to look natural on screen. The confidence is well captured too. However, we are entirely in love with her unfiltered look. She looks no less than gorgeous and is flawlessly beautiful. Her simplicity can very well be understood in this picture.

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5. Basic Look:

This picture is among another natural look of Nayanthara within her movies. She is seen as basic without any makeup or makeover. Only slight kohl is applied around her eyes, and that is yet. We can’t believe the natural beauty and how well she carries forward herself with boldness and confidence. Nayanthara is truly an inspiration for many!

6. Old is Gold:

While not many pictures of Nayanthara without makeup are floating in the internet, we found this cute gesture of actress, which is clicked among her initial days in the film industry. She looks much younger in here and yet absolutely looks gorgeous. Her mesmerizing smile and bold eyes are what caught us in awe. Even in her initial days, we can understand how the actress did not shy away from looking natural, raw and unfiltered. The new gen should take some inspiration from the lady superstar!


We are in absolute love with this picture. The rockstar is seen giving a happy smile to a selfie. Well, this picture tells us that she is just like us, an average human who loves selfies and love posing. Dressed in a simple shirt and a ponytail without any makeup, Nayanthara yet looks refreshing and lovely. Her smart and yet beautiful gestures, looks, and attitude are what make us draw towards her more and more. What do you guys think?

8. Solidarity in Public Space:

Unlike other celebrities, Nayanthara does not shy away in appearing with the public and following or participating in normal activities. Here is one such click. She is seen sitting on the road with the ordinary public without any hesitation. Wearing black kurta and blue jeans, without any makeup, she looks breathtaking and lovely. Her down to earth attitude has received a lot of appreciation already from the general public.

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9. Holidaying:

As much as she loves work and her friends and family, Nayanthara loves holidaying and going on vacation during her leisure time. She is one such no makeup picture clicked of the actress during a fun activity. As usual, she is seen wearing her favorite kohl around the eyes and nothing else. With a plain white shirt and simple look, she is yet slaying with her beautiful tone and lovely smile.

10. Young Nayanthara:

To end the list of pictures of Nayanthara without makeup, here we come with a bang and nostalgic moment. This picture is taken when she was new to the industry and is yet not wearing any makeup. She looks so youthful and lovely, her smile is just the same. Wearing an all-black costume, Nayanthara looks no less than a million bucks. Her basic look is what has taken our heart!

11. Nayanthara没有化妆:

An interesting picture of Nayanthara without any makeup. Even with a plain-faced look and serious demeanour, she doesn’t look ghastly, as is the case with many stars who opt to go without their eyeliner and lipstick.

12. In Reel Life:

Nayanthara cuts a pretty picture sans makeup even in reel life. Pictured here in a Telugu movie with the wet hair look and a dreamy countenance, she looks comely wearing just her night suit.

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Perhaps one of the cutest looking pictures of Nayanthara caught off-screen to feature on the internet. The formal suede coloured blouse complements her complexion, and the hoop earrings add sparkle to her face that is laid bare of any sort of makeup.

14. Svelte Looking Nayanthara:

Nayanthara是南印度actresses that can capture you with her charm and grace, be it on or off-screen. Part of her beauty lies in her lustrous hair that is pinned up in front and let loose from behind along with makeup-free in this picture. The brown T-shirt blouse graces her figure while the big shades give her that glam look without the accompaniment of makeup. Accessorized with a showy ring on her right-hand finger and a flashy black watch on her left hand, she looks naturally resplendent as she looks on with boyfriend Simbu at the event on hand.

15. In Deep Thought:

Nayanthara seems to have been caught off guard here, seemingly in deep thought along with her no-makeup face. It’s a very natural picture of her looking like the professional that she is. Her tanned look and luscious lips stand out, and her hair pinned up in front and left flowing at the back looks luxuriant as ever.

16. Winsome Nayanthara:

Nayanthara’s winsome charm radiates through the warmth of her smile with or without makeup. Hers is a beauty that emanates from within which does not require the camouflage of makeup to let it shine on the outside.

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17. Just For Laughs:

The beauty about Nayanthara is that she can always be caught smiling in between filming or otherwise. She looks quite cute in a plain navy green tee with her hair tied in two ponytails. Rather a sport I would say. This is one of the best pics of Nayanthara without makeup.

Additional Tips:

Now that we have seen Nayanthara without makeup photos, here are some inspirational tips that can help us achieve flawless skin and looks.

  • Naturally looking beautiful and clean takes some effort. It is essential to make sure skin is hydrated and moisturized well.
  • Do not miss out on washing face with clear water four times a day on average.
  • Apply natural moisturizer so that your skin receives proper hydration.
  • 不要走出家庭,而不在脸部和暴露部位涂抹防晒品。
  • Remove any makeup on skin before you end the day.
  • Scrub, cleanse, and tone your skin often, at least two to three times a week for bright and clean skin.

With these images and photos of Nayanthara without makeup, we hope you found it as exciting and interesting as we do. Let us know your thoughts and what do you think. We love to hear it from you!


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