Healthy Psoriasis Diet

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What is Psoriasis?

从银屑病开始是一种皮肤病,它会导致皮肤肿胀、发红,并伴有片状剥落纹理。Skin cells are known to grow deep within the inner layers of the skin and gradually come up to the surface to join the main external layer.But psoriasis makes this cell travel speed increase the reason why a slow gradual matter happens within a few days.当所有的细胞聚集在皮肤表面时,皮肤开始变色、肿胀和瘙痒。


Being an auto immune disease,the most basic disadvantage is that it is highly unpredictable and can knock on your door without notice.另一个缺点是它影响身体所有部位或选择性,所以说不出来。你可以计划在派对上穿一件及膝的连衣裙,把头发留在旁边,but sure enough cannot do so because the red flakes show up on both your knees and scalp.You can solve this psoriasis problem by following health diet.银屑病患者应遵循以下定期饮食银屑病更好和快速的结果。


有些食物,vitamins,minerals and home remedies can helpful for psoriasis patients.这里我们提到了牛皮癣患者的健康饮食,包括最好的矿物质食物和家庭食谱。

A Common Cure:

虽然还没有发现可靠的治疗方法,第一反应应该是去看家庭医生,第二反应应该是不再吸烟。除此之外,some self issues should be handled such as taking cautious care of the skin,keeping it cleaned,washed and hydrated.皮肤需要保持湿润,但暴露部分的水太多会导致脱水,从而导致脱皮。另外,在皮肤上涂一些维生素D是个好主意,这样人们就不需要在阳光明媚的日子带伞了。

Of course Psoriasis will make you feel powerless,but there is one thing you can do to keep it in check.你的食物常常决定你身体的营养摄入量和种类。如果你能调节的话,可能会有机会得到缓解,and at least that is what most people who are affected by Psoriasis swear by.A few studies conducted recently do show a clear connection between that of losing weight and Psoriasis.The right diet and food should help you achieve it in no time.

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虽然没有科学证明患有银屑病的人发现他们自己或他们的疾病是由他们摄入的食物的数量和类型来调节的。While some people find certain food adding more to their problems some has found solutions by eating right and eating good.一般来说,推荐健康饮食计划。一种应该避免含糖、脂肪和油的食物,并且应该将新鲜的绿色蔬菜和水果加入到饮食中。

When the psoriasis kicks in,a psoriasis diet is an apt procedure.Certain people react differently to different food but there is a list of some of the recommended food products which might help in kicking back the disease. One important thing you should keep in mind before going through the list is that it is not recommended for you to skip breakfast.Not only is it the most important meal to start off your day with,但是不沉迷于第一顿饭也会让你在午餐前一直处于饥饿状态。

在这种情况下,当你已经渴望食物的时候,很难做出健康的选择。If you don't keep a cautious eye on your preferences,you might end up digging in to every food item that you lay your hands on.你的大脑正在努力研究牛皮癣的健康饮食,it would be disadvantageous for your mouth and stomach to act otherwise.Think wisely about every choice of food you make,因为它会带来所有的不同,既然你已经无能为力了。


•目前,含有维生素A和D的产品至关重要。Apart from a good roasted sun tan,there are food products like fresh carrots,tomatoes,有帮助的西瓜和芒果等。However people sensitive to alkaloid substances can fall prey to nightshade vegetables tomatoes,土豆,茄子是其中的一部分,所以最好的结果需要专业的帮助。记录下你吃的和不吃的食物。提到你以前对医生过敏的事。This is a wise solution when it comes to Psoriasis diet foods to eat as long as you can watch out for the side effects.

• Then there are gluten-free substances which should be looked out for.  People suffering from celiac disease might be allergic to gluten and hence it should be avoided.Gluten and wheat sensitivities are one of the common allergies faced by the psoriasis patients and thus a gluten free bread or pasta is mandatory. The benefits of a gluten free diet for Psoriasis patients among many are that it helps keep the inflammation due to the condition in check;它有助于提高你的消化能力,从而保持稳定的体重。How long you need to keep choosing items free from gluten is not known,but most doctors suggest until the inflammation has completely gone down.注意饮食中的额外添加剂,since they can contribute to being a hidden source for gluten.

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• Some people testified against yeast as one of the products that worsens the deal more. Buttermilk,ripe cheese,yogurt and over stale products are some of the few foodstuff that you need to stop eating when formulating a Psoriasis diet.It might not lead to benefits unless you put your heart and soul to defeating the situation you are in.念珠菌是一种酵母菌,已被证明可以降低饮食中其他舒缓成分对鳞片和瘙痒的作用,因此应该从整体上避免。

• Then comes the non-veg materials.Fishes like salmon,tuna,鲭鱼,lake trout etc has an anti-inflammatory property that helps reduce the inflammation produced in the skin.This food is filled with good fats,omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the inflammation.

• Another of the product that helps miles in toning down the disease is fish eggs,also known as roe or caviar.这些产品富含ω-3脂肪酸,有助于减少炎症和心脏病发作的风险。

•脂肪红肉可引起炎症,对银屑病患者不利。医学上讲,it is not the meat actually that triggers inflammation,尽管它可能会使情况恶化。红肉不包括在银屑病饮食治疗中的主要原因是它影响心脏,并且银屑病患者成为心血管疾病发病率增加的牺牲品。

• Since this is a disease of inflammation it takes an anti-inflammatory product to stub the growth and diary is one such product.  Whole milky and fatty cheeses are a strict no but low-fat products and milks are good.The low-fat also keeps the heart conditions under control.


•可以添加到牛皮癣饮食表中的某些草药产品,已知具有特异性的草药能增强机体的免疫力和防御力,从而对抗炎症。Primrose oils,牛至油姜黄等是有帮助的产品。bring home Aloe Vera extracts and rub them on your skin.这肯定会使该地区变冷,并有助于减少红色。如果你头皮上有牛皮癣,an intake of oats and apple cider Vinegar will certainly help soothe the itch that is bothering you.


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Thus even though there is no medically proven record of this,食物或适当的银屑病饮食可以帮助治愈或延缓疾病。