25 Attractive Designs of Red Sarees That will Give Glam Look

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What is the one colour that makes you think of romance,passion,love,and energy?You guessed it right!It is Red!Red coloured outfits are the most sought after in any culture and country.They are associated with symbolic meanings like fire,power,strength etc.,which makes red such a popular colour.Especially in the Indian wear segment,Red colour sarees have made many actresses sizzle on the silver screen.The sensuous look of these women has inspired millions of girls to experiment with a variety of shades in Red.In this article,we have put some of the best Red sari designs under the spotlight.Get ready to be impressed!

Importance Of Red Colour Sarees:

Red sarees have a significance in Indian culture and traditions.The colour ‘Red' is used to represent the divine power,especially the "Shakthi".It is also the colour of "KumKum",a red colour powder used in Hindu rituals.Also,an Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride wearing a Red saree and is often referred to as the "Bridal Red".Even in other cultures,red sarees are known to represent the feeling of love and passion.No wonder why we spot many women wearing a bright red saree on Valentine's day to woo their men!


Here are some of the interesting features of Red Sarees:

  • The earliest known red colour dyes were made using berries,seeds,flowers and roots of certain plants.
  • These dyes were used on natural fibres like cotton or silk for their quick absorbing properties.
  • The sarees are then laid out for drying and embellished with a variety of techniques.
  • Modern-day red sarees are dyed in the factories using artificial dyes.
  • These drapes don't run colour and are also durable.
  • From casual wear to wedding ensembles,red sarees cater to a number of occasions.

Preferred Age Group For Red Sarees:

Red sarees are suitable for women of all age groups.They are bright and brilliant shaded sarees,which complement the Indian skin tone perfectly.Young women between 20-40 years usually opt the sheer and light-weight red sarees.The cotton and silk varieties are suitable for middle and elderly women.

beplayapp体育Beautiful Models of Red Saree Designs Images:

The following list of the top 25 red sarees will provide you with the best looking sarees,including the ones suitable for weddings,birthdays,festive occasions,etc and many more.They are all so beplayapp体育beautiful that you will definitely fall in love with them.

1.Chilli Red Saree:

For an aesthetic look,choose this chilli red saree in Aheli silk.The saree is kept plain with just a golden zari border.Tiny gold motifs are woven randomly for a subtle shine.An intricately woven golden zari pallu stands as a highlight of the saree.Wear it with golden jewellery and a gold or cream coloured blouse.

Saree Design:Chilli Red Aheli Silk Saree With Zari Border


Preferred Occasions:Ethnic and Festive Wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for Slim body types

2.Red Embroidered Saree:

A red embroidered saree is considered to be a must-have in every occasional wear segment.This heavy georgette red saree is embellished all over with rich handwoven embroidery to give you a stunning took.The border,pallu,and pleats are made to look grand with the fine details.It is ideal for weddings and receptions.

Saree Design:Red Embroidered Saree With Rich Border


Preferred Occasions:Weddings and Reception

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

3.Red Fancy Saree:

Art silk is one of the classy looking materials and is a cheaper alternative to pure silk.This red fancy art silk saree is adorned with an embroidered border that runs throughout the saree.A designer pattern is given on the Pallu to make it look unique.The saree is embellished all over with small embroidered motifs to look glamorous.

Saree Design:Red Fancy Art Silk Saree

Material:Art Silk

Preferred Occasions:Festive and Occasional Wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

4.Red Silk Saree:

Can you imagine a wedding without the women dressed up in bright red silk sarees?This is why we have showcased this exquisite Pochampally silk saree with golden zari.The world famous Pochampally geometric prints are woven with gold colour zari threads to look ethereal.

Saree Design:Red Pochampally Silk Saree With Gold Zari

Material:Pochampally Silk

Preferred Occasions:Weddings and Reception

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

5.Red Chiffon Saree:

Can anything beat the sensuousness of a chiffon saree?This bright red chiffon drape looks absolutely smashing when worn for evening and night parties.The plain saree is adorned with a red shimmer border for an added shine.The Pallu is given a modern touch with Potli style tassels at the end.

Saree Design:Red Chiffon Saree With Potli Tassels


Preferred Occasions:Evening Parties and Social Gatherings

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

6.Red Cotton Saree:

Heading to a summer wedding?Say hello this airy Tant saree that has the comfort of cotton and the richness of Silk.The saree is interwoven with the finest quality cotton and golden threads for an opulent look.You can pair this saree with golden accessories to walk in style and elegance.

Saree Design:Red Tant Saree With Golden Zari

Material:Tant Cotton

Preferred Occasions:Weddings and Festive wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

7.Red Georgette Saree:

This dainty red saree is a perfect blend of the sturdiness of Georgette with the delicateness of net fabric.The upper part,Pallu and the lower border are designed with a floral work net material.The rest of the saree comes in georgette fabric to add a twist in the tale!Wear statement earrings and sport a bun hairstyle to sizzle!

Saree Design:Red Georgette Saree With Lace Border

Material:Georgette and Net

Preferred Occasions:Reception and Evening Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

8.Red Pattu Saree:

No Indian occasion is complete without the host wearing a bright red Pattu saree.This gorgeous piece is very unlike the normal Pattu sarees,which are heavily embellished.The saree is given large size temple borders and the Pallu is also kept simple.It is perfect for small gatherings,where you wish to look grand,but not over-the-top!

Saree Design:Red Silk Saree With Temple Style Borders

Material:Pure Silk

Preferred Occasions:Weddings,Festive and Occasional Wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

9.Red Party Wear Saree:

If you are heading out to a small party with your friends,pick this marble printed red saree.Made with soft georgette fabric,the saree is embellished with satin,checks border in silver.The designer print on the body of the saree is sure to make the rest of the lady gang envy your style!

Saree Design:Red Party Wear Saree With Digital Print


Preferred Occasions:Parties,Brunches and Small Events

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

10.Red Sarees For Wedding:

How else could we end this collection than with this Red wedding saree?The association between red and Indian weddings need not be specially mentioned.It would be any bride's dream to wear this designer Lehenga style red saree on her D-day!With heavy accessories and right makeup,get ready to impress your man!

Saree Design:Red Wedding Saree With Heavy Stone Embellishment

Material:Georgette and Net

Preferred Occasions:Weddings and Bridal wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

11.The Red Saree With Golden Color Work:

red sarees

This is definitely one of the best red colour sarees that comes with golden work done on them.It sports a really alluring pattern throughout the body including small golden shapes.The borders are decorated with a patch like design,and that can be said to be one of the prime attractions of this designer material.If you are thinking of wearing some unique and beplayapp体育beautiful this season,then this can be said to be one of the best ones for you.This particular saree can be worn at wedding events as well.

Saree Design:红印花纱丽服扎日边界

Material:Cotton Silk

Preferred Occasions:Ethnic wear and Simple Occasions

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for slim body types

12.The Shilp Kala Red Saree:

Red sarees 2

This is a designer red saree that has almost a similar border patch design like the previous one.The small and intricate designs done in the border portion of worth a watch and that will be the prime attractive feature about this saree when you sport it.If you are willing to look attractive,then this is one of the best styling partners for you that will assist you in looking unique and beplayapp体育beautiful almost anywhere you go.Don't forget the eye-catching small white dotted pattern done throughout the body of this saree.

Saree Design:Dark Red Saree With Embellished Border

Material:Crushed Chiffon

Preferred Occasions:Evening Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for slim body types

13.The Red Alluring Border Design Saree:

Red sarees 3

This is one of those sarees that can be sported with a simple blouse as well.Don't worry.Your allure will not be compromised.You will still look equally beplayapp体育beautiful.The prime beplayapp体育beauty of this saree lies more in the border portion,and the blouse has been designed for this particular saree only.You can also do the same,and this whole designer combination will make you look ravishing.This can be said to be a wedding saree or even a festive one.The deep red is the prime attractive fact about this saree.

Saree Design:Red Fancy Saree With Black and White Border


Preferred Occasions:Casual Wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

14.The Celebrity Look Red Saree:

Red sarees 4

Who thought red can be so beplayapp体育beautiful.When you carry this red saree on your body,you will get the alluring look,and the net material will provide you with utmost comfort as well.This saree comes with a very attractive border and it can be sported with almost a similar shade of red coloured blouse.It is aparty sareeand also a festive saree.If you get your hands on it,then should make the best out of this designer saree that will provide you with the celeb look that you always wanted.

Saree Design:Red Georgette Saree With Blue Printed Pleats


Preferred Occasions:Ethnic Wear

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

15.The Designer Pretty Looking Red Saree:

Red sarees 5

This is a pretty-looking red saree that will go hand in hand with afull sleeve blouse.The golden pattern done on the border portion of the blouses looks really alluring,and probably anyone wear them almost anywhere.The best accessories for this saree are golden or polki jewellery to complement its beplayapp体育beauty.

Saree Design:Dark Red Saree With Golden Cut Work Border


Preferred Occasions:Small Gatherings

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

16.The Red Transparent Saree:

Red Sarees 6

This is a really good-looking saree that sports a festive vibe.It will be good for women who are willing to wear festive sarees at weddings or other occasions.The saree comes with a unique style of embroidery with shimmer and sequins to highlight the upper part of your body.Wear it with silver accessories to look stunning.

Saree Design:Chilli Red Georgette Saree With Shimmer Work


Preferred Occasions:Evening Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

17.The Aishwarya Rai Red Saree Collection:

Red sarees 7

This is undoubtedly,one of the best-looking red sarees that you will ever come through.It looks really good on almost woman and will provide you with that celebrity look which you always wanted.Pair it with a sexy blouse that can highlight your shoulder area and earn you tons of complements.

Saree Design:Red Crepe Saree With Designer Blouse


Preferred Occasions:Social Gatherings

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

18.The South Indian Designer Red Saree:

Red Sarees 8

A South Indian designer has designed this particular red saree.It sports a cool pattern on the borders,and the color is quite vibrant as well which indicates that the best quality material has been used in designing this saree.If you are in need of a red saree for a party,then you know what to wear.

Saree Design:Bright Red Color Saree With Mirror Work Border


Preferred Occasions:Day Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

19.The Net Red Saree:

Red sarees 9

If you love wearing full sleeve blouses,then this particular red saree will be a good choice to sport with the saree.The saree follows a really cool pattern with the net material,and the edges are quite well decorated with a blue colour pattern.You can match this saree with gold colour accessories for a traditional look.

Saree Design:Deep Red and Pink Georgette With Blue Border


Preferred Occasions:Sangeeth and Reception

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

20.The Red Brasso Faux Designer Saree:

Red sarees 10

This is yet another red saree that can be used as a party wear material.The cloth material used in this saree is quite beplayapp体育beautiful and the black patterns done on them are pretty attractive also.If you want something to sport this season,then this saree will be the latest designer piece out there.

Saree Design:Red and Black Brasso Saree With Black Shimmer Border


Preferred Occasions:Evening Parties and Get Togethers

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

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21.The Heavy Stone Work Red Saree:

Red sarees 11

This is another good-looking red saree that comes with dense stone work.It follows a very good pattern of designing the saree from the top to bottom.The allure of this saree is incomparable and anyone will look awesome with this designer material on them.

Saree Design:Bridal Red Chiffon Saree With Silver Border


Preferred Occasions:Weddings and Large Scale events

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for All body types

22.The Heavy Red Color Saree:

Red sarees 12

This saree comes with a heavy application of the color red which makes it suitable to call this item a wedding saree and can be sported by young as well as old women out there.The intricately done cut work on the border renders a pretty look to the outfit.It is best matched with silver accessories to shine your way!

Saree Design:Deep Red Chiffon Saree With Cut Work Lace Border


Preferred Occasions:Reception and Night Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for Slim body types

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23.The Plain Red Saree:

Red sarees 13

Heading to a party?This will be your best companion for today.This saree comes with a really good pattern done on it.If you are looking for something cool and trendy then wear this.The transparent material of the saree is perfect for those who are confident about their bodies and would not hesitate to flaunt it.

Saree Design:Bright Red Chiffon Saree With Shimmer Border


Preferred Occasions:Cocktail Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for Slim body types

24.The Red Saree With White Border:

Red sarees 14

This is a good-looking saree with a white border that comes withv neck blouses.The pattern done on it is very attractive and you will be able to carry this saree almost anywhere.The blouse matches the saree perfectly and you will also have to look for something like this to sport with this particular saree.

Saree Design:Chilli Red Net Saree With White Lace Work


Preferred Occasions:Cocktail Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for Slim body types

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25.The South Indian Net Saree:

Red sarees 15

This red net saree follows a South Indian Saree-making trend.It comes with little sparkling attachments throughout the body of this saree.The uniquely done thread work border with shiny sequin work makes it one of the best red sarees in the market.Wear it to a party to be a showstopper.

Saree Design:Tomato Red Net Saree With Ribbon Work Border


Preferred Occasions:Evening Parties

Suitable Body Shape:Suitable for Slim body types

Suitable Blouse For Red Sarees:

Experiment with a variety of looks by trying some of these trending blouse patterns for red sarees:

  • Yellow Brocade Blouse
  • Green Embroidery Blouse
  • Pink Lace Blouse
  • White Chikan Worn Blouse
  • Grey Applique Work Blouse
  • Silver Shimmer Blouse
  • Black Net Boat Neck Blouse

How To Style Red Sarees?

If you are wondering how you can elevate the beplayapp体育beauty of a red saree,check out these expert style hacks:

  • Red sarees can be opted for almost any occasion by choosing the right fabric and design.
  • Banarasi and Silk sarees are best for weddings,traditional and festive wear
  • Opt for light chiffons,net,lace and other flowy materials to look Chic in night parties
  • By pairing your red saree with a spaghetti blouse,you are to grab some eyeballs
  • Pearls,Polkis,diamonds and Swarovski are the best match for your red saree
  • Wear a contrast coloured bag and sandals to highlight your look

We hope you enjoyed reading about these 25 Red sarees!These impressive drapes are designed to bring out the best in you without making any efforts.By choosing high-quality materials,you are assured of looking stunning.Red,by nature,is a fierce colour.So,don't overpower your look with heavy accessories.Unless you are the bride,we would advise you to opt for low key looks with red sarees.Choose minimal,stay beplayapp体育beautiful!