15 List of Car Types Developed by India and Other Countries in 2018

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When is comes to selecting the perfect car also known as Wheelchair accessible vehicle,one needs to have a through look at all types of cars available in the market.Making the right choice among all plays a very important role.Car must be chosen in such a way that it suits your needs perfectly.Cars can be categorized in numerous ways.There are about 150 to 160 varieties of car available.Various cars based on its body styles are Convertibles,SUV s,Coupes,sedans,Limos,Hatchbacks,micro cars,city cars and many more.

Types of Cars and Their Body Styles

Different Types of Cars in India with Pictures and Brands:

The top 15 types of cars that you can choose out of innumerable body styles are in the world which are available in India also.


Top 15 Types of cars1

Luxury cars are meant to fulfill one's luxury needs.All types of cars with such features are designed to fulfill ones sumptuousness needs and are very expensive.Limousine also known as limos is a luxury car with long enclosed body.Limos are these days designed in such a way that they are fully converted from outside and provide highly luxurious compartments inside.The compartment for the driver is separate and the passengers usually have their own personal area.Audi Q7 limousine,Rolls Royce Phantom are luxurious cars that look amazing from outside and give a great feel when inside.


Top 15 Types of cars2

A number of sports cars are available in the market such as sports saloon,hot hatch,Grand tourer,Super car,pony car,convertibles,etc.Cabriolet or convertibles are one of the famous types of car and are regarded as luxurious cars.These cars have the feature of being converted into an open air vehicle from an enclosed car.Earlier these cars used to have detachable roofs but with improvement in technology modern convertibles have automatic hydraulic or electrical actuators.These roofs are designed in such a way that they automatically folds and goes inside the trunk of the car.Few best known convertibles are Ferrari California,Honda S 200,Mazda M X-5,BMW M 3,Volvo C 70,and many more.

3.Micro Car:

Top 15 Types of cars3

Economy car is a car which is usually affordable by many.These are made to meet the needs of medium income group people.It even has an advantage of lower running costs and lower carbon dioxide emission.Micro car is one of them and are very famous.Micro cars are a combination of motorbike and car.These have engines with 1 liter capacity and usually have a seating for two passengers.Micro cars can be either three wheelers or four wheelers.Such types of cars are very popular in Europe where they are called bubble cars.Recently due to development in technology these micro cars are being powered by electric.Few examples of such cars are Tata Nano,Isetta,etc.

4.City Cars:

Top 15 Types of cars4

City cars are developed to be used in urban areas.In comparison to micro cars city cars are much safer and have better capacity and speed.These types of cars are developed in such a way that they can reach highway speed but usually not sued for such purpose.These city cars are widely used in Japan and are known as Kei cars.Some examples are Suzuki Cervo,Fiat Panda,Honda Life,etc.


Top 15 Types of cars5

Varieties of medium cars are available the market.The most common and well known of all are hatchbacks that generally have a bigger boot and seating capacity than small cars.Hatchbacks are basically four doors or five doors cars with multiple configurations.The configurations basically comprises of two box design and flexible interiors and volume for both passengers and cargo.

6.Sports Utility Vehicles:

Top 15 Types of cars6

SUV s or sports utility vehicles are designed in such a way that they are used for off road purpose because of its higher ground clearance level and upright boxy body design.Nowadays people choose these car not because of it's off road use but because of its amazing design.Examples of SUV s are Land rover Discovery,Jeep Patriot,Toyota F J Cruiser and many more.


Top 15 Types of cars7

Sedans are described as large family cars having space for five adults and a large trunk.The engines are designed to be more powerful and the sizes of the cars differ from region to region.

8.Subcompact Cars:

Top 15 Types of cars8

These types of cars are designed to have four to five doors.It can accommodate four to five passengers comfortably.They are usually 3900 mm to 4200 mm long.Nowadays car makers are developing premium sub compact cars so that even such affordable cars can give you a better feel with less pocket pinch.Examples are Peugeot 208,Opel Corsa and many more.

9.Family Cars:

Top 15 Types of cars9

Family cars are a longer version of hatchbacks or standard saloon cars.These types of cars are designed for big families.One must make sure to have a test drive before purchasing the same because they are longer in size and might affect the way you get around the local area.These cars have room for about five to six people depending upon its design.Engines of such cars have 1.4 to 2.5 liters capacity.Most popular ones are Toyota Auris,Volkswagen Golf,etc.

10.Estate Cars:

Top 15 Types of cars10

Estate cars or station wagons are a variant of sedan or saloon with extension of roof rearward.Different types of wagons are available in the market which includes all-steel wagons,two door wagons and full size wagons.These type of cars can flexibly reconfigure its interiors via fold down rear seats according to the priority of passengers or because of the cargo volume.

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11.Grand Tourer:

Top 15 Types of cars11

Grand tourers are heavy,powerful and larger cars with FR layout and seating capacity for four people.Such cars are expensive than other sports car and are known to encompass both luxury and high performance.Some grand tourers are Lexus SC 300/400,Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and many more.

12.Muscle Car:

Top 15 Types of cars12

Muscle cars have powerful V8 Engines and are a mid size cars.It usually has two doors but sometimes manufacturers are even providing four door ones.These are generally driven in US and Australia.Some examples are Ford Falcon,Ford Torino,Pontiac GTO,etc.

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13.Super Cars:

Top 15 Types of cars13

These are high end exotic cars having superior performance than all other cars.Few examples are Mclaren P1,Bugatti Veyron 16.4,etc.

14.Commercial Vehicles:

Top 15 Types of cars14

Many vans are used as commercial vehicles or are designed in such a way that they can be used comfortably as commercial vehicles.These often do have much seating capacity rather have room created for storing goods.Such vehicles are large in size and do not provide modern facilities like other cars.Ford transit,Volkswagen Transporter are few examples of such cars.

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Top 15 Types of cars15

These are two seat open cars with minimal weather protection.These often are designed without top or side glass.These are a simpler form of convertibles.